all geared up for a psychedelic experience…


so tomorrow we take off for qatar and a week after arriving we go to Makka inshaAllah for Umrah. a lot of people have told me what to expect, if i could sum it up in a few words i’d say it would be something surreal, ethereal and other worldly. the spiritual equivalent to what people experience at burning man. did i just equate Umrah to burning man?? blasphemy! but i’m sure God knows what i’m talking about so it’s all good! He gets me… i hope it helps me get out of this funk, this jadedity (yeah, i make up words when the need arises, deal!)

for some reason my close friends have gotten awfully touchy and bitchy of late… they all need to be told all the goings on of my life at the same exact second or the one who’s told a second later takes offence, which seems an awfully moronic use of one’s time and self indignation, especially when the goings on of my life aren’t even that interesting, but i guess that’s just me, laid back people like me just don’t get what all the bruhaha is about. my friends make me sad, sometimes i take a look around the table and think to myself ‘in all the years of my life this is what i’ve been able to accumalate?’ and then drown my sorrows in whatever comes handy…

About psychedelicmindtrip

interested in writing, though lacking the motivation to actually do anything about it. old school rock'n'roll makes me happy, as does anarchy, revolution and questioning the status quo. war, women and youth empowerment, freedom of expression, conspiracy theories, art, literature, theater etc. i get bored with things easily but when something grabs my attention i'm very, very passionate. i like all kinds of exotic foods and am willing to try anything once. follow me on twitter @sgtpepperfloyd i will be using this blog mostly to vent, and as of now i'm converting it into a review blog. i will be reviewing anything and everything; music, books, movies, food, youtube videos, places, makeup, perfume, clothes, shoes... basically anything i have liked, loved, mildly enjoyed or greatly despised. i won't review video games though, because i don't propagate violence and outside of an apocalypse requiring you to fight for survival, i see no redeeming value in them and see playing video games as a waste of time.

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  1. Phoenix I saw your invite to visit here on Neil’s blog. I too am a big fan of Adam, he should have won AI as he had the most talent of all the contestants. Sounds like you are on a trip now so not sure when you will get this comment.

    You don’t say how old you are, but I am guessing at or nearing mid-20s. You have probably heard the term middle-age crisis when a person looks back at their life and says WTF??!! What have I been doing with my life? This isn’t what I had planned!

    But I also think there is a period I have heard termed as the mid-20 crazies where you go through something similar, especially when you see your friends going in different directions than you.
    One piece of advice is to try to appreciate what you have now, but also don’t put off what you want. So many people will put off things like “I’ll go to Hawaii after I lose 30 lbs so I can look good in a bathingsuit, or I will have a child once I save up enough money, or I will go to grad school when my kids graduate, and etc.

    But what usually happens is that whatever that conditon was causing them to put off their goal or dream takes much longer or they never complete at all. So instead of taking the risk to move on to what they want they end up never meeting that condition to begin their dream, and then look back with regret.

    So be brave enough to take the risk to follow your dreams. Don’t compare yourself to your friends, they are not you, and you are not them. So therefore you cannot be on the same path that they are. You can only be on your own path. Also keep in mind that most things are not set in stone. And most decisions that you make are not permanent. Say you go to college and get a degree in a field, but once you start working in it you find that you really don’t like it very much. But then you think “I just went to school for 4 years for this” or feel that now your family expects you to stick with it because that is what you chose to begin with. But if your really not happy, then you just make the change to something else. Does it mean that you may have to go to night school and maybe take an intermediate job, or even keep your current one while you work on your new career? Yes probably, but a least you are working to make the change that you want.

    You say your friends make you sad. But having a table full of friends who care about you enough to want to know what you are doing says something. Trust me, there are many folks out there who have no friends at all. However if you seek new friends, then throw yourself into some new activities to meet new people. Also volunteering your time or services to help others is a good way to put things into perspective. Volunteer to help the needy, be a big brother or sister, or volunteer at a Hospice to comfort the dying or read to them, etc. It will give you a lot of perspective on your own life.

    Well take care, I will try to check in again soon,

  2. crazzy lady… neil stalker.. that is wonderful.
    world of the net has yet to define me
    cant believe its like… relationships on net? are you kidding
    what is real
    no kiddin. psychedelic experience
    have a great trip really hoping neg neil writes ya
    best of luck

  3. @shaman ha ha i know what you mean. i even had a crazy dream about neil last night, maybe i’ll write a blog about it soon, see there’s a new incentive for you to check back now!

    @angel your advice was really heartfelt, even though, as is the way with good advice, it will probably go unheeded but i really appreciate it. and i would be honored if you check my blog to see what’s going on with me 🙂

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