Fame, what’s your name? fame, it’s not your brain, it’s just the flame, that burns your change to keep you insane (sane). Faaaame!!


this is the phenomenon we’re going to be discussing today.  what you can do to make your blog more interesting? i have a couple of ideas:

1) talk about interesting current events or even if you don’t, tag the post as such,  so that it comes up in more hits. so, even if no one is actually reading the post ,and are only sitting there,  cursing you for being so deviously clever, there will be more hits, and a false sense of security makes the world go round!

2) make the posts more visual… lots of pictures of pretty places and pretty people. even if they make people wonder what the hell they’re doing there! you see in this intellectually challenged era people don’t like to read, they prefer to be told things visually, verbally. no one wants to read a  piece of text and then interpret what it means…because it apparently uses up too many brain cells or something! so more pictures, less words

3) some free give aways or gifts would attract the greedy,  scum of the earth…meh, a hit is a hit!

4) create multiple blogs and get them all to follow each other… people tend to have lemming like tendencies and will follow blindly… if everyone likes something, hell, it MUST be good!

5) post the same posts with slightly different tags on all said blogs you created in the previous point, so that google is flooded with your blogs whenever someone tries to search something!

6) name your blog ‘google’

7) paste your link on all kinds of blogs, in comments sections of websites, on friend’s facebook walls, in your own facebook profile

8) create a facebook page for your blog and force people to join

9) casually force your blog into conversations, sometimes without letting on that you’re the author. a typical conversation would go something like this:

“funny that you should mention the blasphemy law/ murder/ turtles / kittens / global warming / the change in zodiac signs / displacement of 4000 KESC employees…. i was reading about it on this wonderful blog (insert name here) very articulate and pithy, you should visit it sometime’

10) use all your contacts, beg, borrow or steal and get someone famous to endorse your blog on a public forum; again the lemming psyche comes into play

11) use quasi intellectual, french sounding words in titles and tags. you have the Carte Blanche on this… haha see?

follow these simple tips and voila! your blog will be thriving in no time!

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  1. Can you picture what will be so limitless and free?.. desperately in need.. of some stranger’s hand.. in a desperate land.

    the time to hesitate is through.

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