“Read, in the name of thy Lord”


I don’t think I could’ve chosen a more profound quote for a title for this week’s post. Also, I totally stole the idea from my sister’s blog which you should visit, dear reader; it’ll be worth your time.


Ever heard snooty people tell you ‘the book was better than the movie adaptation’? Well, however much you hate them, they’re right. The book is ALWAYS better, no exceptions.

Whereas the adaptation has restrictions like the director’s vision, the actor’s ability or the budget, there’s no limit to where your imagination can take you. If the book wasn’t better for you, hate to break it to ya, but your imagination sucks! The idiot box saps you of that ability, you’re basically watching regurgitated milquetoast that you know you could’ve conceptualized better (Michael Bay, I’m looking at you!). Reading adds volumes to your vocabulary (see what I did there?), it adds spark to the razor’s edge of your wit, it makes you a more interesting, enlightened person, best of all, it’s a way of escaping from the dreariness and misery of your everyday to a place where good always triumphs over evil, good intentions are rewarded, bad people get their just desserts and there are happily ever afters.

Oooh oooh Fun exercise! I’m going to put in tons of references of famous books, let’s see if you can get them all. Leave me a comment for the ones you can guess.

Books open up intellectual horizons so you can weigh the decisions you make today in light of their consequences, it can open portals to the future

You can visit a future with too much freedom, where all sorts of information is at your fingertips, except your path and destiny has already been chosen for you, through chemicals that stunt your physical or intellectual growth, and you will not be allowed to go beyond that

or You can be in a terrifying, dystopic future where there is no freedom and big brother watches your every move, the chimes of freedom are flashing, except in this suffocating universe ‘freedom is slavery’

I admit both of those futures are equally dismal… what’s up with that? Why are future imaginings always so despondent?

Or you can reminisce about the past

travel back in time to a sexist society where you share the despair of one woman whose cross to bear is the burden of her shame her entire life simply because she would not reveal the name of the man who has sired her child and that man is too much of a coward to come forward and claim his reward.

or be horrified with the gut wrenching story of slavery when one man decided to trace his ancestral family tree and how he came to be where he was.

*sheesh*  I’ve chosen the most depressing examples EVER! Please don’t commit suicide!

If unhealthy obsessions is your thing (weird segue, I am aware) in an instant you can be the first mate to a ship captain battling his inner demons and obsessions in the shape of a giant whale that may or may not be white or witness the struggle between an old man and a marlin fish, both of whom come to regard each other as adversaries, neither of whom end up getting what they had wanted.

Adolescence is a strange time for all of us, we’re just discovering who we are; you’re either the innocent young boy in 1930’s New York whose candor is heartbreakingly endearing, or the young man who’s defined by his love for Beethoven and ultra-violence.

A book can take you to a fantastical universe set in an alternate dimension, where elves, orcs, dwarves, hobbits, wizards and men exist in harmony… well, not so much in harmony as fighting an epic good vs. evil battle, where the ring that binds them in darkness is destroyed or an equally fantastical universe where cakes make you smaller, rabbits have tea parties, there are grinning cats and hookah smoking caterpillars and queens of hearts that scream ‘off with their head!’

or you can experience the complete isolation  of a man ostracized, and ultimately claimed by death for lack of human contact, because of his having changed into something undesirable (tons of subtext in this one!) or the hive mentality of a town where people have collective amnesia regarding the night before, all the women end up giving birth to these demonic children that have blond hair and creepy eyes, are inherently evil and grow at warped speed.

Your imagination will reel a little with the powerful imagery of the underwater world as one man imagined it in the late 1800’s and your inner child will rejoice with the above land imagery of a factory that makes every kind of candy imaginable

or be transported to a queer place where you meet a mysterious stranger just come to town, who’s all wrapped up in bandages and sunglasses (claims to have had an accident) so that no part of him is visible, what’s his secret? (I gave you a pretty big hint, right there!) or a man that the entire town considers somewhat soft in the head and stupid because he is so open and has no hidden agendas. A little too exposed, shall we say? People only befriend him because he is rich and they like affluence.

You can give me some books to guess in the comments too, but remember, they’re easy, so, no cheating!

Also, don’t scroll down and read the comments first!

About psychedelicmindtrip

interested in writing, though lacking the motivation to actually do anything about it. old school rock'n'roll makes me happy, as does anarchy, revolution and questioning the status quo. war, women and youth empowerment, freedom of expression, conspiracy theories, art, literature, theater etc. i get bored with things easily but when something grabs my attention i'm very, very passionate. i like all kinds of exotic foods and am willing to try anything once. follow me on twitter @sgtpepperfloyd i will be using this blog mostly to vent, and as of now i'm converting it into a review blog. i will be reviewing anything and everything; music, books, movies, food, youtube videos, places, makeup, perfume, clothes, shoes... basically anything i have liked, loved, mildly enjoyed or greatly despised. i won't review video games though, because i don't propagate violence and outside of an apocalypse requiring you to fight for survival, i see no redeeming value in them and see playing video games as a waste of time.

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  1. ok i guessed them all but I don’t want to ruin it for everyone. Instead I’ll have you guess some :
    1. The story of two migrant workers, one of small stature and quick wit, the other larger and slower, who dream of one day owning their own piece of land
    2. The story of a group of young boys stranded on an island who start out working together but end up turning on each other

  2. There’s battle lines being drawn
    Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
    Young people speaking their minds
    Getting so much resistance from behind
    I think it’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
    Everybody look what’s going down

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