And you see me I’m coming off as you can bet, Well, I think I’m losing my mind this time. This time I’m losing my mind


I had a close encounter with an Alzheimer’s patient yesterday. My mom’s uncle; saw him after a long time. I didn’t realize how much progress the disease had made in such a short amount of time. needless to say it was a shock! he was completely incoherent, babbling about something or the other. I had a weird conversation with him where neither of us knew what the other was talking about and I had the crazy thought that to him I was the one babbling incoherently.

i think with Alzheimer’s he also has the onset of paranoia, its the worst combination ever! he keeps thinking people are out to get him, over and over again! I’m not kidding, it must be exhausting.

alzheimer'sThis is one of the many reasons “I hope i die before i get old” ( a shout out to The Who, right here).  Old age is bitch, why do we insist on making progresses in medicine if the human body or mind wasn’t meant to live that long? is that even living where you don’t know where you are or who you’re speaking to?  “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”. So, when you see me when i’m 50, kill me? thanks

About psychedelicmindtrip

interested in writing, though lacking the motivation to actually do anything about it. old school rock'n'roll makes me happy, as does anarchy, revolution and questioning the status quo. war, women and youth empowerment, freedom of expression, conspiracy theories, art, literature, theater etc. i get bored with things easily but when something grabs my attention i'm very, very passionate. i like all kinds of exotic foods and am willing to try anything once. follow me on twitter @sgtpepperfloyd i will be using this blog mostly to vent, and as of now i'm converting it into a review blog. i will be reviewing anything and everything; music, books, movies, food, youtube videos, places, makeup, perfume, clothes, shoes... basically anything i have liked, loved, mildly enjoyed or greatly despised. i won't review video games though, because i don't propagate violence and outside of an apocalypse requiring you to fight for survival, i see no redeeming value in them and see playing video games as a waste of time.

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  1. How did your uncle fair in life? His interaction/engagement with people?

    I can only pray for him. Can’t imagine what he’s going through but the only ray of hope I see for him can be religion – spirituality, meditating to the Almighty but if he cannot recognize anyone or is turning bad then God help him.

    Blessed be the person(s) taking care of him, he or they will receive a hundredfold from above.

    Is he married? If not then it’s worst yaar to cope up with old age cum severe medical conditions.

    About you. I read something like when you turn old – really? You’re already in your golden age era lady 😛 Just kidding.

    I coincide with your take on living life where we don’t know who we are. I’ll question God tomorrow morning about this.

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