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Take another little piece of my heart, now baby


I have a propensity for old things. It’s like I’m forever stuck in a state of nostalgia for a time I haven’t really lived through. I like classic rock, retro fashion and explosions of colors. Simpler times, hand written letters, type writers and vinyls. I prefer leather-bound books to most of my friends. I like men old enough to be my dad and I like kids not at all. I mean not like I beat up kids or anything, just that I’d rather avoid their presence if possible. Baby talk disgusts me and romantic relationships are elusive and something ethereal. I’m not sure I believe in love. I have tried. Many times. Each time I present a different version of myself to the object of my desire. That’s not me being a phony, mind you; just whatever I’m feeling with that particular person.

I think I’ve veered off track a little here, but let’s see this train of thought to its logical end. There was this guy I was really into and he kind of told me I need “help”. I guess he meant psychiatric help, to deal with my “struggles and issues”, I had reigned it in quite a bit, I thought. I don’t know what that means and I didn’t have the guts to ask him. I don’t like playing games or being coquettish. I usually say what I feel and I try not to lie.

So, the point is this. I can’t get him out of my mind.He’s hurt me deeper than I thought was possible and I doubt I’ll ever be talking to him again, yet I can’t stop thinking about him. Why is love so hard?


Can someone help me create a song?


I have the lyrics but I’m pretty shit with composition or playing an instrument. If any of you would like to collaborate with me, that’d be awesome!

I’m thinking of a very bluesy, rock’n’roll, psychedelia feel to it. it’s inspired by songs like “drift away” by the Doobie Brothers, “American pie” by Don McLean, “They are all in love” by The Who and “Mr. Tambourine man” by Bod Dylan.

On the Shoulders of giants

We’d seen the last of the hippies
And Woodstock had come and gone
“I’ve changed my tune” said the Tambourine man
Born into a world dead before the dawn

As the music changed me, so the music changed
No longer a soft touch on the heart strings
What stirred the soul, jumbled the mind
Now affects neither, so much white noise on the radio

The magical mystery saw a tragic history
The lonely hearts club only got lonelier
The Walrus became John, and then he was gone
A generation mourned the loss of genius


The vegetable man raved and saw visions
Shone for a while and retreated in a shell
His light was too bright, they lived in his shadow
Poles apart, didn’t realize the wall was too high


The lonely girl with the voice that bled
The jaded poet, cleansed by a funeral pyre
The experienced one with the voodoo fingers
Driving fans wild, setting guitars on fire


Burnt out but didn’t fade away.
Seems like all my heroes are mortal
And the pedestal is beyond my reach

let me know what you guys think 🙂

my obsession with asad ahmed


back in the day when i was a kid i was into some really awesome bands and singers… my parents are much cooler than i give them credit for, they were the ones that got me into the Beatles, the Stones, Bob Dylan and David Bowie… then my older brothers took over the task of my musical training upon their able shoulders and introduced me to the wonderful world of rock with G’n’R , Bonjovi, Meatloaf, Aerosmith and metal with AC/DC, Metallica, Judas priest

i lost my way in my teens where i got into all these boy bands and i’m embarrassed to say that i can still recall all the sappy lyrics i learnt by heart

hearing ‘comfortably numb’ was what brought the onset of what i can only term as a musical renaissance and i rediscovered my love for all the amazing bands of yesteryear and discovered some awesome new bands of the era i hadn’t heard of before. pink floyd, Grateful dead, the doors, the who, jimi hendrix, led zeppelin, velvet underground, grand funk railroad, joy division, buddy holly, the beach boys, lynrd skynrd, annie lennox, jefferson airplane, iggy pop, janis joplin…there are just too many great bands to name

anyway, the whole point of this drivel is that i was cool once and i’m cool again now…back when i was cool i wasn’t into a whole lot of local stuff but i did like some guitarists, i’ve always thought the guitarist is the sexiest member of the band…so, on the local circuit i had back then three favorite guitarist that i’d always wanted to meet; asad ahmed, aamir zaki and salman ahmed.

My dream seemed destined to die a silent death, if you knew the crowd i hang with you’d understand. but then i met this one guy, a former colleague who’s a great vocalist and guitar player and writes excellent songs too. i’ll add samples when he sends them to me, so long story short he and i shared similar musical tastes and got to be pretty close. he invited me to his house to a jam session, i went not expecting it to amount to much but it actually turned out to be a pretty surreal experience! unplugged is just so awesome… and asad was there! i totally fell in love with him right there, he made my heart skip a beat….i subsequently got his number and harassed him to death until he told my friend that i wasn’t his type but that’s a story for a different day…