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For what it’s worth


So, like every year I’ve made some resolutions this year to be a better version of me, bear with me, now:

  1. Exercise every day. Even if it’s just 10 minutes – cardio for my lungs and heart and squats for my butt
  2. I will take better care of my skin, hair and nails. more oiling, massaging and just generally keeping healthy
  3. Travel as much as I can afford to. Say ‘yes’ to every travel plan that comes my way. Within the country and outside of it. this-is-when-people-began-making-new-year-s-resolutions_524728342_nokuro-760x506
  4. I will write every day. Even if it’s shit. Even if I can’t use it anywhere and if it’s just one of many rants. I’ll be more frequent in updating my blog
  5. I’ll take out more time for creative pursuits – case in point, the miniature painting course that starts on the 31st of Jan – I’ve marked the date
  6. I have quit smoking and will generally take better care of my health.
  7. I will read every day and listen to new music as frequently as possible. Learn new words and give new genres a chance.
  8. I will be more aware of the world around me, try to learn new things, broaden my areas of interest, listen when people talk about things I don’t know much about and try to retain information.
  9. I will try to spend less money, save more, curb frivolous spending, try to donate to charities and help out those in need
  10. I will try to keep in touch with people more, call mom more often, send texts to old friends I’ve lost touch with and be available when people call me.
  11. I will clean out and organize my closet
  12. I will try to be a nicer person, try to keep my irritation in check and try to be less snappy with coworkers
  13. I will feel gratitude and be positive for the wonderful people in my life and all the things I have been blessed with
  14. In my limited capacity, wherever possible and in a respectful way, I will try to convert people to my way of thinking. I will take a stand against misogyny, misandry, sexual harassment, rape and pedophilia. I will stand for LGBTQ’s and minorities’ rights, religious (or lack there of)  and sexual freedom of expression

She was an unknown legend in her time


Travel writing, according to Ibn-e-Batuta “leaves you speechless and then turns you into a story teller”. You have to weave a story with your words, so that your readers can live vicariously through you. You have to add enough of yourself to it that it’s your unique spin on an experience millions have had. It should be vivid enough that your words jump off the paper, grab your reader by the hand and don’t let go till you’re done. Some of my favorite travel writers are Mark Twain (The innocents abroad) and Aldous Huxley (Jesting Pilate), though I can’t really hope to emulate these greats, they are my inspiration.

The perception of the states in my mind has been formed through a steady diet of American literature and cinema. If Agent Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks) and Kerouac (On the Road) have taught me anything it’s that freshly baked apple pie and piping hot coffee in a rustic old diner is what Americana is all about.

The other place would be a blues bar in New Orleans. Blues and psychedelia are my favorite types of music. Where the lights are turned down low as you listen to that familiar riff while a smooth, whiskey soaked voice laments about the bad hand life has dealt it.

IMG-20150212-WA0001 MDNk5dWC

I heard Neil Young’s “unknown legend” and instantly knew it was about me. Specifically the line “She was an unknown legend in her time”, and though I don’t have long blond hair, I can totally see myself riding a Harley Davidson through a desert highway. I consider myself a free spirit whose wings have been clipped due to budgetary constraints

I thought about this long and hard. There are tons of places I’d like to visit. The Gugenheim and NY Met, rock’n’roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Burning man in San Francisco, Comic Con in San Diego, Café Wha? In NY just because that’s the place where so many great musicians got their break.

If I could’ve been born in a different era it would’ve been the 60’s. The music, the fashion, the whole hippie philosophy speaks to me. I can relate to it, karma, positive thinking, oneness with the universe, et al. I love to read, travel, listen to music, write, sketch, paint. I recently bought a typewriter because the only way to write a manuscript is on a typewriter. I also own a beautiful turntable and some priceless vinyls. I promise you I’m not a hipster, though. Just a really old soul born in the wrong era.

I love visiting places with rich culture and lots of history. I have lead a fairly sheltered life and this will be my opportunity to explore on my own, to meet new people and open up to new possibilities and experiences. I have had some heart break in my life, who doesn’t?! But I think now is the time for me to take life by the horns (groan, right? After my rant about bull fighting!) and really live! This could be a life-changing experience for me and in this moment I can think of nothing that would make me happier.

Free Bird – Lynrd Skynrd



Every few months I start to get fed up of the way things are and the people I hang out with. This is not an inherent fault of the people or the place, mind you, just my fear of monotony and everything commonplace. Some call it wanderlust; an urge to pack up and take off and discover something new, what those SOME fail to tell you is that wanderlust is a pretty expensive habit. Road trips are great on paper, but with someone as accustomed to certain luxuries – daily showers, a bug-free bed and such – as I am, travel costs money.

I earn, and though I’m not rich by any definition of the word, saving would not be a problem if I could, you know, save!

The Navy League trip was a Godsend. it saved me the hassle of having to plan anything, because that seems like the most tedious bit. Though, Navy League’s excursions may not be as wild and out of the ordinary as a free spirit like me would have liked, the pros out weighed the cons.

it wasn’t the “Burning Man’ (I will attend “Burning Man” and the “Comic-con” if it kills me!), it was a wonderful experience none the less.

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Some of the things I wish I’d known before I’d started:

1) The secret to excellent time management is to be the second last person down / out. A good rule of thumb is be tennish minutes late to the absolute final time the tour guide gives you.

2) Be an expert shopper . Browsing is not an option. You want this shit? You fucking buy it! Don’t dilly dally, everyone hates dilly dalliers.

3) Befriend an older person. You’ll be able to get away with a lot of shenanigans that way. (Durdana aunty, we love you!)

4) Invest in sunscreen. Even if the tour guide tells you there’s like ten inches of snow there. The sun is not your friend and will burn you to a crisp.

5) Older people maybe generally annoying, but don’t be miss. judgey judge and give them a chance. They are a reservoir of excellent war stories (my favortie kind!) take the time to listen. one of the members was an actual POW during the ’71 war.

6) Hit on that tour guide if he’s hot, hit on him with complete impunity. When else will you ever get that chance? So what if he has a gf or a wife??

7) learn to take pictures that aren’t so blurry

8) if that broke artist proposes to you, you jump on that shit! as long as you don’t starve, it’s a good deal. You’ll be a muse!

9) people with wives are strictly off-limits. Get your daddy issues under control!

10) All the Renaissance artists thought Jesus was a fucking ugly baby!

11) Once you’ve tasted European coffee you’ll become one of those obnoxious, pretentious gits that people avoid

12) People have a weird habit of praying in places they aren’t allowed. Hell, yeah! rebels for life!

13) No matter how ‘open-minded’ you think you are, you will never like the cuisine of another country. Stop lying to yourself, embrace your inner desi and add a little ‘mirchi’ to everything

14) I’m a hippie at heart and I like colorful, psychedelic buildings, bright awnings, pastry-like exteriors that you want to take a bite out of. Look at this shit! Even their graffiti is a work of art.

15) I did say a little prayer in all the churches and cathedrals we visited, just as I do when we visit a mosque or I would if we visit a synagogue. I believe God is everywhere and we are all one. Okay, end of hippie rant

I hope I get to see every country in the world and meet lots of unique people. Life is excellent.

Much love,


Can someone help me create a song?


I have the lyrics but I’m pretty shit with composition or playing an instrument. If any of you would like to collaborate with me, that’d be awesome!

I’m thinking of a very bluesy, rock’n’roll, psychedelia feel to it. it’s inspired by songs like “drift away” by the Doobie Brothers, “American pie” by Don McLean, “They are all in love” by The Who and “Mr. Tambourine man” by Bod Dylan.

On the Shoulders of giants

We’d seen the last of the hippies
And Woodstock had come and gone
“I’ve changed my tune” said the Tambourine man
Born into a world dead before the dawn

As the music changed me, so the music changed
No longer a soft touch on the heart strings
What stirred the soul, jumbled the mind
Now affects neither, so much white noise on the radio

The magical mystery saw a tragic history
The lonely hearts club only got lonelier
The Walrus became John, and then he was gone
A generation mourned the loss of genius


The vegetable man raved and saw visions
Shone for a while and retreated in a shell
His light was too bright, they lived in his shadow
Poles apart, didn’t realize the wall was too high


The lonely girl with the voice that bled
The jaded poet, cleansed by a funeral pyre
The experienced one with the voodoo fingers
Driving fans wild, setting guitars on fire


Burnt out but didn’t fade away.
Seems like all my heroes are mortal
And the pedestal is beyond my reach

let me know what you guys think 🙂

light bulb!


Lately i have been having a bit of an itch, to write. not to be confused with the very pronounced itch due to the allergic reaction to some…shell fish?  sugar?  cloth?  skin cream? i guess we’ll never know!

Anyway, light bulb! what are my passions in life? music, movies, reading, season of shows, eating and shopping… so my idea was i could review something new for you everyday. what say? hit me back! if i get a response i’ll start today! if not… i might start anyway, or not… you know how fickle i am.

Fame, what’s your name? fame, it’s not your brain, it’s just the flame, that burns your change to keep you insane (sane). Faaaame!!


this is the phenomenon we’re going to be discussing today.  what you can do to make your blog more interesting? i have a couple of ideas:

1) talk about interesting current events or even if you don’t, tag the post as such,  so that it comes up in more hits. so, even if no one is actually reading the post ,and are only sitting there,  cursing you for being so deviously clever, there will be more hits, and a false sense of security makes the world go round!

2) make the posts more visual… lots of pictures of pretty places and pretty people. even if they make people wonder what the hell they’re doing there! you see in this intellectually challenged era people don’t like to read, they prefer to be told things visually, verbally. no one wants to read a  piece of text and then interpret what it means…because it apparently uses up too many brain cells or something! so more pictures, less words

3) some free give aways or gifts would attract the greedy,  scum of the earth…meh, a hit is a hit!

4) create multiple blogs and get them all to follow each other… people tend to have lemming like tendencies and will follow blindly… if everyone likes something, hell, it MUST be good!

5) post the same posts with slightly different tags on all said blogs you created in the previous point, so that google is flooded with your blogs whenever someone tries to search something!

6) name your blog ‘google’

7) paste your link on all kinds of blogs, in comments sections of websites, on friend’s facebook walls, in your own facebook profile

8) create a facebook page for your blog and force people to join

9) casually force your blog into conversations, sometimes without letting on that you’re the author. a typical conversation would go something like this:

“funny that you should mention the blasphemy law/ murder/ turtles / kittens / global warming / the change in zodiac signs / displacement of 4000 KESC employees…. i was reading about it on this wonderful blog (insert name here) very articulate and pithy, you should visit it sometime’

10) use all your contacts, beg, borrow or steal and get someone famous to endorse your blog on a public forum; again the lemming psyche comes into play

11) use quasi intellectual, french sounding words in titles and tags. you have the Carte Blanche on this… haha see?

follow these simple tips and voila! your blog will be thriving in no time!